Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ´s )

Do you offer Trials ?

Yes , we do ! Just checkout our Trial Page ( click here )

Which Client language you recommend ?

To use all features without problems, we recommend setting the client language to english!

Can i get a Refund ?

There is NO Refund. Everything is clear on all Product´s and Guide sites. If you do a PayPal Refund, you will get banned on OneZero Profiles, Baneto and NoName.

How high are the chances to get banned?

While no one knows the truth, we can guarantee you to work as much on account security as we can, we offer many security features. Currently the danger is considered: LOW!

Are these Profiles for Classic or Retail?

This profiles are made for RETAIL AND Classic  ! Please check the sections of the Profiles

How long does the leveling need?

It depends on your class, the profiles you use, how often you upgrade gear and your general botting setup!

My Character is not moving, just jumping or standing still?

Check your mesh files from your Unlocker.

Will future updates be included into my purchase?

Yes, all costumers receive the updates free of charge.

Why should i buy OneZero´s Profiles? Its a bit more expensive than the others ?

All OneZero Profiles are tested and continually improved to match the highest possible standards.With over five years of experience OneZero Profiles got voted as the best profiles on the market.We love our Customers. That's why we always aim to offer the best and fastest possible Support.

Is there a Guide to add your Profiles to BANETO ?

There is no Guide needed . Just do a /reload ingame und you will see a little elite icon on your mini map , click it and and the UI will show up!

When will my Payment be done ?

If your payment is FULLY done ( Status : Completed ) , you will recive a DM from @Onezero Bot#7711 . The Bot will give you the Discord Roles and you can read all the Customer Chanels.

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Let the Adventure begin!

There are many journeys to be taken in Azeroth, and using OneZero Profiles is one of them.

By singing up on our trial you will get access to some of our profiles. Make sure you can start right away because this offer is limited to 120 minutes only.

Let us know how your journey went by sending us a message on Discord.