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Are you looking for high-end Profiles? Look no further! We are specialized in providing effective and affordable Premium Profiles & Software Slutions for World of Warcraft. And we are good at it!

Don’t belive us? Ask our Customers.

Why you should use OneZero Profiles

OneZero is a revolutionary platform that offers various profiles for  World of Warcraft Bots. OneZero offers everything that you need to enhance your botting experience – with the best prices on the market.

Up to Date

All OneZero Profiles are tested and continually improved to match the highest possible standards.

Premium Profiles​

With over five years of experience OneZero Profiles got voted as the best profiles on the market.

Exceptional Support

We love our Customers. That's why we always aim to offer the best and fastest possible Support.

Ready to join the Adventure?

Take a look at our newest publicly available Profiles. We always aim to provide you the highest quality possible.

Featured Products

Premium Rotations

Don’t miss our daily updated Premium Rotations in the Shop. Unlock the best WoW rotations with us – finely tuned for unbeatable botting performance!

Our Rotations

Start your Adventure easier then ever!

With our new monthly subscription plan, you can start your botting experience faster and easier than ever. Just join our monthly basic plan and use all our profiles.   Do you want to go even more crazy? Make use of our Lifetime Package and get all existing and upcoming profiles for free –  all life long, that’s a promise!

Onezero – Basic

Profiles for Classic, TBC, WotLK & Retail included​
excl. Fees / Monthly
  • Explore Northrend , Outland ,Easter Kingdom & Kalimdor
  • Access to all Hidden Fishing Spots
  • Access to all Dragon Glyphs Profiles
  • Access to all Grinding, Gathering & Gold Profiles
  • Access to all Swarm Fishing Profiles
  • Access to Quality of Life Improvements
  • Access to all future Updates
  • Exclusivly made for Baneto
  • Special Basic Subscription Role on Discord
  • Baneto or Unlocker are NOT included!

Onezero – Pro

Profiles for Classic, TBC, WotLK & Retail included​
excl. Fees /Monthly
  • All Features from Onezero - Basic Subscription
  • River Rapids Wrangler Achievement Profile
  • Acces to WotlK 70-80 Quester
  • Acces to SoD Quester
  • Access to Exiles Reach Quester
  • Access to Dragonriding Intro Quester
  • Access to DK Starting Zone Quester
  • Access to Dungeon Farm Profiles
  • Access to 2 x 4 Farm Profiles
  • Special Pro Subscription Role on Discord​
  • Baneto or Unlocker are NOT included!

OneZero – Lifetime

Profiles for Classic, TBC, WotLK & Retail included​
449 One Time Payment
  • Lifetime access to all our Profiles
  • Lifetime access to all future Updates
  • Special Lifetime Role on Discord
  • Exclusivly made for Baneto
  • Baneto or Unlocker are NOT included!
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Let the Adventure begin!

There are many journeys to be taken in Azeroth, and using OneZero Profiles is one of them.

By singing up on our trial you will get access to some of our profiles. Make sure you can start right away because this offer is limited to 120 minutes only.

Let us know how your journey went by sending us a message on Discord.